This is how it’s meant to be…

At last I can see blue sky through the conservatory roof and there is sunshine dappling the garden and providing warm little spots for the cats to snooze away the day.

Of course I am supposed to be tidying the conservatory and not just sitting here typing and trying to remember snatches of script for ‘Blackberry Crumble’ which came to me in the night. I have made some tiny progress but probably nobody outside the immediate family would notice. I also had a minor revelation when sitting in Alex’s chair yesterday, which was that if I put some of the clutter on the shelves in boxes, it wouldn’t look nearly so much like clutter! It’s taken a while for me to get to this point, but I’ve now bought 3 new boxes at B&Q so there’s no excuse not to do at least this small thing.

Hoping to go to the National Archives this afternoon to do some more family history research. I’ve been trying to trace the history of the farm where my great-grandmother was born, and I’ve narrowed it down so that the only gap is from 1746 to about 1795.  Incidentally this farm comes into one of my novels, Scottish Fantasy.


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