About Sheila…. sometimes known as Cecilia Peartree (my ‘cosy’ name).

I’ve been writing since I was 6 years old, although circumstances have often intervened over the years to stifle my muse. Fortuitously, around the time I realised life was too short not to try and fulfil your potential, Amazon invented ebooks and I was able to write more seriously and publish my novels.

I live in Edinburgh with my younger son and three cats. Jacques ‘the kitten’ is now 13 years old. He now shares his space with Daisy and Thomas.

Jacques on the conservatory roof

Jacques on the conservatory roof

I have recently retired from work in an art gallery, where I looked after a database of works of art. I hope to spend my retirement writing in several genres as well as doing committee work for a local organisation.

It has just occurred to me that perhaps people are wondering why I call my blog ‘McCallum Ogilvy’. These are two last names that run in my family and represent my mother’s side and my father’s side respectively. My middle name is McCallum and my late brother’s middle name was Ogilvy.

You can see us both as children in this picture, taken by my mother near Pitlochry.


Father and children waiting to be photographed.

Camp NaNoWriMo badge

official Camp NaNoWriMo badge

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