Twenty-something Books on Amazon!

Just popped in to update my list of Pitkirtly novels with my latest release, ‘Unpredictable Events’, published last Wednesday. I’ve now lost count of my published works as I have added some here and taken others away there.

The easiest way to find my books on Amazon is to visit one of my author pages:

The Cecilia Peartree novels are also available on Smashwords, ibookstore, Kobo and B&N. My author page on Smashwords, which includes an interview with me, is here:


In case readers are having trouble distinguishing one from another, and before I start to lose track of them myself, I thought I would make a list and give them their own page here.

I currently have 2 novels under the name Sheila Perry and they are:

  1. The Mountain and the Flood – a near future sci-fi novel focussing on climate change, extreme weather and political catastrophe and set in Scotla
  2. The Petitioners – a sequel to The Mountain and the Flood – the grim, dystopian, sometimes humorous story of a family trying to survive under adverse conditions.

My mystery and spy novels, published under the name Cecilia Peartree, are:

(a)    The Pitkirtly mysteries, which take place in the following order but can be read out of order if you like:

(i)                 Crime in the Community

(ii)               Reunited in Death

(iii)             A Reformed Character

(iv)             Death at the Happiness Club

(v)               Frozen in Crime

(vi)              The Queen of Scots Mystery

(vii)             A Tasteful Crime

(viii)            The Christmas Puzzle

(ix)               Death in a Cold Spring

(x)                Closer to Death in a Garden

(xi)              The Pitkirtly Triangle

(xii)             A Creative Crime

(xiii)            Unpredictable Events

The above-mentioned Pitkirtly mysteries are set in an imaginary small town on the Fife coast in Scotland. I started to write them as a reaction against ‘tartan noir’, which generally takes place in major cities and presents what I think is an unbalanced picture of present-day Scotland.

There are two other shorter things in the series now – ‘Mysterious Pitkirtly’ and ‘Pitkirtly on Tour’, which don’t particularly fit into the sequence but are definitely best not read before ‘A Reformed Character’ and probably best not read before ‘A Tasteful Crime’.

(b)   Other mysteries (or possibly thrillers):

(i)                 Murder in the Midi – a romantic suspense novel set in the South of France

(ii)               The Lion and Unicorn Quest – a mystery/thriller set in London in 1951

(iii)              The Four Seasons Quest – a mystery/thriller set all over Britain in 1952

(iv)               The Coronation Quest – a mystery/thriller set in Norfolk and London in 1953

(v)                A Quest for Clemency – set in Cambridge in 1953.

(vi)              A Quest in Berlin – set in Cambridge and Berlin in 1954.

The first 3 novels and a short story from the Quest series are also available in an omnibus edition entitled ‘A Collection of Quests’.

I also have a book of five short stories, imaginatively entitled ‘Five Short Stories’, by Cecilia Peartree, and a book of 2 historical novellas, entitled ‘Two Edwardian Adventures’.

Some of my novels are also available in paperback from Lulu and Amazon. My Amazon paperbacks appear alongside the ebook listings.

My Lulu author page, which mostly lists special editions which cannot be purchased elsewhere, is here:


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