Who’s been sitting in my chair?

I can’t write in the conservatory with raindrops clattering on the roof because George the cat is sitting in my chair – his new favourite place. I am hoping he’ll move on to another favourite place soon. Of course there are other chairs in the conservatory, but that’s the one I always write in.

Anyway, for the moment I’ve retreated to the kitchen and my big old desktop PC. It’s a pity in some ways, since it’s darker in here, but it’s also a bit cosier and with easier access to coffee and other comforts.

I’m just hoping there isn’t too much volcanic ash in the rain. But I suppose that’s the least of everyone’s worries at the moment. Personally my main worry with flights being grounded is that we run out of fresh  fruit. Especially since Alex and I are both doing Weight Watchers, and we rely on exotic fruit to give our diets a bit of interest. But I realise many people are far worse affected than we are by the grounding of flights. It was strange to watch a repeat of Thursday’s Have I got News for you last night, and find them (a) joking about what a nonentity Nick Clegg is and (b) oblivious to the dangers of volcanic ash. I don’t think I’ve ever known the programme go out of date quite so quickly before.

All this rambling is to disguise the fact that the musical I’ve been writing for Script Frenzy has come to an abrupt end at 55 pages, whereas we are meant to be writing 100 pages of script in all. I am definitely going on to plan B, which is to write movie trailers for all my novels. I am hoping that will take up the remaining 45 pages. If not, perhaps I can start on a dramatisation of Murder at the Drama Group, or one of my other lesser-known works!


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