Spring holidays

I’m at the start of a week’s holiday which I am hoping will solve all my problems from the humungous amount of weight I’ve put on over the winter, to the colossal clutter in the conservatory. I have a feeling I will not be able to make very big inroads into either of these in the time, but at least I can use the spring effect to get started.

I have quite a lot to do this week, especially as I decided on the spur of the moment to try taking part in Script Frenzy this year. Alex and I tried it a while ago as a partnership, but we couldn’t keep up the momentum so gave up early. This time I am going it alone, and it seems to be going more smoothly, although who knows what the result will be like? I’m writing a musical for the stage and it’s called ‘Blackberry Crumble’ because the plot involves quite a posh mobile phone. It’s very handy being able to include song lyrics as it bulks out the page count a bit – especially when they are sung more than once! not sure if I will get to 100 pages of script but there’s no harm in trying.

I also need to get on with preparing two novels for submission – I’ve decided to send out both ‘The Mountain and the Flood’ and ‘Crime in the Community’ at the same time, in the hope that both rejections don’t come back on the same day! I will send them to different publishers. The problem is that I’m not quite ready with ‘Crime in the Community’ – it’s a bit shorter than I remembered it being, but I may send it out anyway and do some work on it while waiting for it to come back.

Wet and cold around Edinburgh today but the cats have been able to go in and out quite a bit. I went over to Culross to meet someone for lunch, and we had a short walk, which was enough for me with my numerous health issues! but probably nowhere near enough for her and the dog.


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