First, the Good News

I am now able to announce significant progress on the clutter front. I managed to get rid of a few more cardboard boxes to someone in the local area who was about to move house, and I’ve also established that there’s a special container at the local tip (‘recycling centre’) for big bits of cardboard, of which we still somehow have a fairly large collection. I can’t take heavy or messy things to the tip myself, the former because I can no longer lift anything heavier than a handbag and the latter because I don’t want the interior of my still gleaming new car to get dirty, but sheets of cardboard should be fine either way.

Although I had thought I would have to pay someone to take the larger items of clutter away, I was lucky enough to have them removed by members of the family at no cost, so we’ve got to the stage of being able to walk into what will be the spare room / upstairs sitting-room. There is still an old fridge unaccounted for but it should come to the surface before long.

In other good news, I took my new car for its first drive outside Edinburgh a few Saturdays ago, and things went very well once I got more or less used to being outside the 20 mile an hour zones that we have in town. 45 mph seems to be its optimum speed and that’s ok with me. Incidentally the purpose of the trip was to go on a steam train ride with others in the family, which was a great success. 

Incidentally one of the station buildings at Bo’ness steam railway used to be located in the village I grew up in and was rescued and reconstructed, so it was a bit of a nostalgia trip too.

I’ve temporarily abandoned my crochet motifs, having failed to find the right way to join up octagons, and taken to knitting instead. I’m trying to build up my knitting skills in order to knit something from a book of Harry Potter patterns. I have my sights set on a dark mark scarf, which has the dark mark knitted into it so that it’s almost hidden, a sort of optical illusion.

I’m not sure whether there’s any bad news in this rather circumscribed life of mine to balance the overload of good and not-bad news. I completed the 30 stories in 30 days challenge, and completed and published the capybara novel, and I’ve written 30,000 words of a new historical novel in my ‘heiresses’ series. It seems to be getting darker as I go along. Maybe I should stop reading the real world news before the story becomes completely dystopian!

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