Goodbye to the Boxes

After my mention of Hello Fresh boxes in my last post, I am happy to say that I’ve managed to get rid of some of them. Twenty, to be exact, which turned out to be the number of boxes that had been folded flat and stacked in the kitchen. By chance I discovered some of the staff of the local primary school were collecting cardboard boxes for a school activity day, and someone very kindly came round and picked them up. So at least I have made a little progress on that front.

I also have my new car and have driven a whole 37 miles in it! Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse soon after I got the car, and it has been quite cold and wet for most of May, so I haven’t been tempted out of the house very often. Even now, after a sunny, warm start to the day, I can see black clouds massing to the south west, which almost always means it will rain soon. At least the rain should be a bit warmer today. I was apprehensive about driving a new car. When I went to collect it I asked the salesman to show me exactly how to get into reverse gear and how to set the radio to ClassicFM, both of which were amazingly simple. The only thing I’m having trouble with is estimating the size of the car as it is a slightly different shape from my previous one and I suspect quite a bit smaller than it looks. I also have to remember the petrol cap is at the ‘wrong’ side.

Apple blossom time

Because of all the rain, the garden is in the process of reverting to nature as it usually does in the spring and summer, which means I will have to go out there soon to hack through the jungle. However, the work I had done last year in cutting back the larger shrubs and trees has made that task a bit less daunting, and I can admire the lilac bush without worrying that it’s going to destroy the nearby fence, and I have a good view of the apple tree.

The mange touts I’m growing with my grandson’s help

After knitting a set of three Tombliboos and completing my two tapestries, I decided last week to try my hand at crochet again. I’ve never been very skilled at crochet, and this attempt has only confirmed it. I started out trying to crochet some squares for a decorative blanket and they have somehow turned into octagons. At least, what happened was that the first one unaccountably turned into an octagon and then I had to try and make the others match it, which has been quite problematic. Still, I’ll probably carry on like this and see if I can make enough for a small throw or maybe even a cushion cover.

There is always the writing, of course, and I’ve just got to the end of (yet) another first draft. There is quite a lot of editing ahead of me as I now have two first drafts sitting on my computer. I’m trying to fit in a short story event in June as well as forcing myself to get to the end of an online course I’ve started on ‘Early Modern Scottish Paleography’. I’m not sure how I ever found the time to work for a living!

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