Starting all over again at Week 1

I have no idea what week number we are at in the pandemic. We might as well write off the whole year to it, or so it seems now. But this is officially week 1 of my retirement, which is a whole new ball game, though not really a ball game or any other kind of a game, because I did something to my back while clearing my desk in the office the other day and am only capable of moving in very short bursts.

The beach at Wormit and the River Tay by Ian Ogilvy Morrison

Leaving work under the current circumstances was a bit odd, to say the least. I tried to sneak into the office without being seen by anyone on my final day, to pick up my work coffee-mug and some other useful bits and pieces from my desk, only to find that not only was I spotted almost at once by a number of colleagues who happened to be around, but also that one of my own team was in the office waiting for me so that she could hand over a beautiful box of very lovely cup-cakes. The fun didn’t stop when I returned home either, as I took delivery of a succession of amazing leaving presents before going out for a meal at a local restaurant with a friend. I have a feeling the rest of my retirement isn’t going to be quite so exciting, as indeed the past few months haven’t been.

On the other hand, it is looking as if I will still be rather busy. Only a few days in, I’ve written three short screenplays as part of an event I recklessly signed up for (14 screenplays in 14 days – what was I thinking? By the way, I’ve decided the title of my biography, when I’m famous, should probably be ‘What was she thinking?’ – it’s a recurrent theme in my life). I’m multi-tasking on the edits for my latest mystery novel, Pitkirtly XXI and tidying up my family history book, ‘A Very Scottish Family’. I also have a short story in a charity anthology that’s about to be published by the UK Crime Book Club. Thanks to the pandemic there are lots of online conferences and one-off online events to tune into. I even have a new vacuum cleaner to play with, although I suspect the time I spend on that will be minimal.

Retirement flowers

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