I suppose it must be week 5 already

The weeks are merging together even more effectively than before, except that I know the past week included Easter, another birthday, a short story deadline and the publication of the 20th in my mystery series, now available as an ebook from Amazon and other sources..

My birthday quite often happens around Easter, and is *almost* on the same date as various disastrous events of the past, including the sinking of the Titanic, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the battle of Culloden. Apart from all that it is a very pleasant date to have a birthday , with the trees coming into leaf and beginning to hide the imperfections of our garden. I was particularly pleased this year to notice some leaves on the little self-seeded rowan tree just outside the conservatory, which I had thought might be doomed. I suppose that’s one benefit of being in the house more and sitting staring out at the garden for much of the working day. There have been a few lovely little birds about too, although I can’t actively encourage them because of the multiple cat presence.

Only one of our cats, Jacques, is officially allowed outside. He doesn’t tend even to see small birds because he is almost always focussed on larger prey such as magpies and foxes. However Daisy, who has been with us for several months but has been kept indoors, partly because it’s been mostly winter since she arrived and partly because Thomas, who came here with her, is a particularly nervous cat and I’ve had a feeling they should probably venture outside together at first, managed to escape one morning last week and stayed out for a day and a half. We puzzled quite a bit over how much we should wander around searching for her and whether the police would agree that it was an emergency if they caught us outside more than once a day, but after my son and I had each completed a full circuit of our street and the neighbouring ones, we restricted ourselves to places very close to home, and in fact eventually we found her hiding between a fence and a wall about 50 metres from the back of our house. After we had lured her out of the hiding place she was very tired for a couple of days and then normal again.

As the weeks have gone by I’ve realised I really like being at home all the time, but I’m not so sure about the joys of actually working here. I think that’s possibly because there are so many things I’d rather be doing. Not that I would do them anyway, as I know from previous experience. If I wasn’t trying to work I would probably spend hours on end just reading. Why settle for one world when there are infinite worlds waiting to be immersed in?

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