Week 3 of whatever

I think it’s week 3. I checked the date and it seems to be about 2 weeks since my Week 1 post. It’s a bad sign that all the weeks are blending together -usually that only happens with days.

I’ve been very much busier than expected during this shutdown time. Tbere has been a lot of new (to me) social media/meeting stuff to get used to, and every time I fondly imagined I’ve grasped something, it turns out to have hidden depths, such as my son and grandson surprising me by appearing live in video and sound on Messenger, which I had thought was only for quick texts. I’ve also taken part in meetings on Microsoft Teams and GoTo Meeting, and have joined a Whats App group and started to refresh my French via Duolingo. I may even take part in a sort of writing panel using Zoom, if all goes according to plan.

I am amazed at myself for having had the foresight to realise I would need a new mobile phone to deal with this emergency. The old phone had a battery life of a few hours, but that was only the case if I didn’t actually have it switched on or, heaven forbid, actually use it for anything. It also had very little space for apps and I ran out of credit on it fairly often because it seemed to use itself up when I wasn’t looking. All in all, I now feel as if I’ve now rejoined the modern world and can almost, but not quite, understand why some people seem to be glued to their phones, though I still spend quite a lot more time glued to my Kindle.

As well as working more or less my normal hours at my part time day job, I’ve managed to get quite close to the end of ‘Pitkirtly XX’ (The Spy who came out of the Bushes) and at the time of writing I have only one or two chapters to go to be finished with the first draft. It would be nice to finish by the end of the month. It has been a tricky one to write and I’m not all that confident about having kept up my usual light-hearted tone but I won’t know until I read it through.

The family cats have shown signs of being bored with me being around all the time getting in their way, but at least there are more birds now for them to watch from the conservatory. For a while there was a fox in the far corner of the garden but I haven’t seen him for a few days so maybe he’s moved on.

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