Meet the Authors at Corstorphine Library

This isn’t usually a writing blog – I have another one for that – but for once I wanted to write about a local event I am involved in. It’s part of a week-long series of events called the Corstorphine Festival, and several local Edinburgh writers are taking part.

It takes place at Corstorphine Library at 6:30 pm on Monday, 27th of May. There will be free refreshments, some interesting discussion about behind the scenes writerly topics such as how to waltz merrily between genres and different ways of getting published, and readings by the authors. All welcome to come along.

CAPITAL WRITERS Capital Writers is an Edinburgh-based group of three and two halves: Anne Graham, Kate Blackadder, Jane Riddell and Jennifer Young/Jo Allen, who work together to promote their writing.

Kate Blackadder: mostly writes short stories plus magazine serials, a novel (and several in slow progress) and the occasional poem.

Jane Riddell: writes contemporary novels and humorous novellas, including one penned by a Russian cat.  She has also written a pocket guide to editing. Her work is published on Amazon both in kindle and paperback formats.   Jane has an editing business, Choice Words Editing.

Anne Stenhouse: writes magazine fiction, historical romance with humour and a lot of dialogue, and some non-fiction. Anne has had several one act plays performed and has been associated with Citadel Arts’ Group and Theatre Broad.

Jennifer Young: is a Corstorphine-based author who writes across the genres of contemporary romance, romance and crime. She has written a trilogy of romantic suspense novels set in Edinburgh and the first in her series of detective novels, written under the name of Jo Allen and set in the Lake District, was published this month by Aria fiction.


Cecilia Peartree (not part of Capital Writers) lives in Corstorphine and is currently just completing book 18 in a mystery series set in Fife. She has written several historical novels as well as, some time ago, scripts for Christmas shows which were performed by young people at the nearby Corstorphine Youth and Community Centre. She publishes on Amazon and other ebook retailers.

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