II’m being de-cluttered – send help!

Due to circumstances more or less beyond my control, there is some serious de-cluttering taking place in our house. The results have been mixed so far.

Of course it is nice to be able to move about certain parts of the house, such as the stairs, without falling over too many things, and we now have the chance to clean certain long-forgotten corners of the kitchen, where I have been afraid to venture for years for fear of disturbing a nest of spiders, mice or even squirrels. In the event none of these were found. Squirrels are rumoured to be coming and going as they please in the attic, but haven’t been caught red-handed yet. The main contact I have with them is when they run along the guttering on the conservatory and sometimes stare in at the window.

There has been another benefit of the great de-cluttering, which may yet turn out to be a mixed one. I’ve unearthed some ancient manuscripts – not exactly the Dead Sea Scrolls, but things I wrote, either by hand or on a typewriter, before the age of personal computers. Nowadays, of course, I just clutter up my hard drive instead. I tend to de-clutter when I have to change over to a new laptop. Anything that gets left behind is not worth keeping.

So far I’ve discovered the rather faint typescript of what seemed at the time a hugely long novel of the English Civil War, which I hope to have time to scan into a Word file so that I can read it through and see if it’s as brilliant as I thought it was around 35 years ago (I suspect not). Another foray into forgotten corners has unearthed some hand-written stories. Although I haven’t gone through them yet, they look as if they are legible, which means they probably date back to the 1970s or so, before my writing began to evolve from the rounded style of a school-girl to the hideous scrawl it has now become.

It seems ungrateful to quibble about the downside of de-cluttering, as I am not actually having to do it myself, but I’ve noticed a certain amount of re-cluttering going on too, with things I moved from the kitchen to the hall being moved back into my own room because the hall has been de-cluttered, and a lot of the old writings and other stuff  ending up in the conservatory. As this is my writing headquarters, where I’m currently approaching the end of my historical novel, I suppose that does make some sense, however.

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