Survival Mode

footsteps in the snow

It’s surprising how quickly people revert to survival mode when the weather suddenly turns against us. I don’t just mean that we are now all obsessed with finding out whether any of the local shops have bread and milk in stock, or that we (by which I mean ‘I’) spend most of the day refreshing Twitter to find the latest travel news, not that we are going anywhere as long as the street immediately outside our house is now only fit for skating on. No, it’s worse than that. I don’t just mean I am considering making soup from scratch, although this is a distinct possibility. I mean that all these considerations seem to have expanded to occupy all the space in my mind, so that now the mere idea of starting to write the novel which I have been desperate to write for some months is extremely daunting.

Of course I am not short of ways of procrastinating. I have even enrolled in a basic Spanish course, read a book about the Spanish Civil War and browsed through several pages of pictures of Spanish holiday resorts rather than start writing. In the circumstances, browsing through pictures of sunny beaches, palm trees and unfeasibly blue water, is almost better than the central heating as a way of keeping the cold at bay.

I had imagined I might start writing today (Sunday) which is usually a good writing day because I hardly ever have anything much to do. But because of the struggle to survive in previous days, I’ve ended up leaving myself with some other tasks to complete, and I won’t now have the whole day stretching out before me just like the blank Word document I would have if I could even bring myself to open it and type the title at the top of the first page.

jacques comes back in again

Even Jacques the cat, usually impervious to all kinds of weather, has obviously started to get depressed. He has taken to prowling the conservatory at night, and can often be found staring gloomily out into the semi-darkness – because the snow prevents it from getting properly dark.

Anyway, enough of all this doom and gloom. It’s now ‘Read an ebook week’ and I’ve created a special advert for my special offers. Go to Smashwords to find out more.



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