And a funny week

Is there any week that isn’t a funny one? Well, yes, there are those weeks when I just sit at work for most of the time updating things on the database, come home and have something to eat, feed the cats umpteen times a day etc etc. The past seven days haven’t been like that. For one thing, I am on holiday this week and so far have spent all the daylight hours either writing or thinking about what to write next. I’ve been writing 3,000 words a day written towards my NaNoWriMo novel, which is about 2,000 more than I usually manage, and have reached 33,000 words. Because of not really planning much in advance, the thing that worries me most is always the pacing. Will I have enough to fill the space? Will I have too much? – it has happened on occasion, in the sense that I’ve got to the end of the month but I haven’t finished with the plot, so in one case I wrote something like ‘And they didn’t have time to reveal the full story until much later. The End.’ I have a sort of unofficial rule that I should get to the end in November, partly because I want to make sure that if I have to leave the thing marinating until after Christmas I don’t forget where I was going with it.

#NaNoWriMo 2017 (1)

Another thing that has happened in the last seven days is that I’ve been to Manchester and back for a work meeting, and another thing (or things) is that I’ve been to two meetings connected with the local committee I’m on. Another thing is that I’ve had some mental space again for the first time in what seems like ages but probably isn’t, and have ordered some Christmas presents and thought about various random things such as whether to re-arrange the furniture and whether to try and get the oven fixed or to give in and buy a new one.

I’ve described the Manchester trip on my trains blog (see link at right hand side).  The distilled version of that is a warning not to try and travel on Northern Trains during the evening rush-hour.

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