Last Minute Activity

Despite having planned all along to release my Hallowe’en book in time for Hallowe’en, and believing I had allowed enough time to get there, I have very nearly failed. I realise that ‘big’ publishers plan a lot further ahead than I do, and now that I have pressed ‘Publish’ on my Hallowe’en book they have already started to advertise their Christmas books. Just to show I haven’t learned anything from the mad rush I’ve just had to tidy up the typos, eliminate multiple character names and clarify obscure plot points, I’m sort of planning to release the next in the series in time for New Year, which will be challenging as I haven’t started writing it yet. I’m clinging to the hope that writing it for NaNoWriMo will give me a boost.

Winter sunrise, Edinburgh

Winter sunrise, Edinburgh

I blame the management course I went on a few years ago for this failure to plan beyond the end of my nose. If the tutor who talked me through my Myers-Briggs personality profile hadn’t over-emphasised the trait that makes me put things off until they can’t be put off any longer, I might not have embraced it so thoroughly. I can’t deny, however, that this trait has almost always been there. It just needed that last little bit of encouragement to come out into the open and give itself full rein. The only time when the other side of this aspect of my personality comes into play is when I’m going to catch a train. On those occasions I always insist on being at the station at least an hour beforehand. I’ve become very familiar with certain stations as a result of this.

Anyway, first thing this morning I pressed ‘Publish’, and quite soon now ‘Promenade with Death’ should be available to unsuspecting readers.  The cover has changed slightly so I’m adding it again here.


While you’re waiting in suspense for this to be available, please consider viewing the latest short film made by Beyond Studios as part of the Glasgow 48 hour film project. It won an award for the best musical score, as well as an audience award, so turn up the volume and enjoy!

Rock ‘n’ Roll…



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