Summer Slump – or is it?

My blogging activity seems to have gone into a bit of a lull recently, and I suppose under other circumstances this might have been caused by the warmth of summer luring me out of doors to bask in the seasonal sunshine. Unfortunately, because this is Scotland, I’ve spent more time basking in the warmth from the fan-heater I keep in the conservatory for emergencies! And sheltering from the sudden torrential downpours we have come to expect while the Edinburgh Festival is on.

blue skies over the conservatory

I have glimpsed blue sky occasionally.

The blog lull has coincided with my office move at work, which left me completely drained, although not too drained to finish the first draft of one novel towards the end of July and start a new one a few days into August. I’m still not sure if this was altogether a good idea, although now that I’ve written myself into this second one, it seems to be working after a shaky start. Ideally I need a month or so of not writing in order to feel prepared to start something new. It’s better to let the story build up inside you for a while before sitting at the computer and committing any of it to a Word file. However in this case I worked out that my so-called writing plan for the year – already in ruins for various reasons – would collapse altogether if I didn’t write the novel currently known only as ‘Pitkirtly XIV’ at this point.

The trouble with spending all this time writing first drafts is that I have hardly any time for anything else, including but not limited to housework, gardening, finishing the minutes for the committee I’m on, going to see Fringe shows, creating the right files for paperback editions, vaguely mulling over different writing projects, starting mad knitting projects I already know I’ll never finish, and following up on new family history connections. And of course editing and revising my first drafts. I will be lucky if I get back to the novel I think of as ‘Brighton 1’ although it has a proper title too, much before Christmas. I shouldn’t really grumble about any of this, of course. I feel quite lucky to have so many ideas.

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