The rain has stopped at last after almost a whole weekend of it. This included some of the torrential downpours we get nowadays, which always make me think of a tropical monsoon, although I’ve never actually experienced one! People often refer to it as ‘Biblical’ too, by which I suppose they mean the kind of rain that inspired Noah to build the ark. Fortunately we don’t usually have to worry about flooding in this exact spot as we are quite a way from the nearest river. I once consulted a map of rising sea levels – it was part of the research for one of my two dystopian novels – and found the overall sea level would have to rise by quite a massive amount in order to engulf our house, although in fact much of the rest of Edinburgh would be under water by then so I think our lives would be more than slightly disrupted anyway!

chill for blog

Up on the hill

This almost-apocalyptic weather was in contrast to that of last weekend, when I went up a hill for the first time in about eighteen months. I wouldn’t say I actually climbed a hill, since I drove most of the way and then parked, but I did walk uphill and downhill again as part of the walk. It was a bit tantalising to see the rocks I used to scramble around on when not all that much younger, and to realise it would take a huge effort to do so now, but perhaps I can work up to that in easy stages. Our local hill used to be a good place to play at hide and seek and walk the dog, and I am just afraid it may become much busier soon, when the ‘secret [nuclear] bunker’ that everyone has known about for some time, opens to the public.

This weekend I haven’t really bothered to go out except for rushing to Tesco’s on Saturday in between the worst of the showers. Even a visit to Tesco is more than I could manage at one point but I have got fed up with having the groceries delivered because I would order the same things every time from my ‘favourites’ list, and now I like to go round in person and pick up new things and special offers, and drool over stationery and knitting magazines.

Instead of going out, I’ve been writing quite a bit and have actually just reached my official word count target for Camp NaNoWriMo. Because I want to get right to the end of the story, I am continuing to write and I estimate I now have one chapter to go in order to wrap things up and be content to leave this story until I’m ready for the first edit. The genre has changed over time – I started it last year some time – and instead of a historical romance it is now a spy thriller with some proper villains, that happens to be set in historical times. This change will mean some serious editing of the first half, in which most of the characters appear quite benign.

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