I’m approaching the end of a week’s holiday, which I spent at home relaxing, after I realised (a) that I was approaching burn-out at work, although this wasn’t because my part-time job is particularly arduous but due to other factors, such as the cats waking me up too early on these light summer mornings, and (b) that because of having been on sick leave for 2 months earlier in the year I had some ridiculous amount of holiday time left. It tends to be harder to use it all up anyway now that I have Fridays off and a half day every Monday, not that I have any complaints about that.


Early on in the week, we had warm weather and glorious sunshine but, as often happens around here, we were soon reduced to dodging torrential rain showers and hoping to glimpse the sun at some stage of the day, even if it was pale and watery as in the above picture.

Anyway, I do feel quite well rested despite the ever-increasing demands of the cats for food, attention and access to the muddy pool of water outside that they like to drink from in preference to the sparkling, clean water in their dish indoors.

So it’s mission accomplished from that point of view, and I’ve also managed to achieve various minor objectives such as completing the online history course about Wellington and Waterloo, going to see ‘Wonder Woman’, re-designing another set of book covers, getting the right prescription from the pharmacist at last, making a start on some gardening, revisiting the half-finished novel I hope to complete in July and drafting an article for a local magazine. And reading at least a book a day, of course. That’s the part I always miss most when I go back to work.



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