Next on the Agenda

Actually, I have developed an aversion to the word ‘agenda’ in recent months, as the list of items for the local committee I am on to consider is now completely out of control and always has at least twelve or thirteen headings, with each of these having spawned at least three or four sub-headings. No wonder we all stagger home exhausted at ten pm, having been in an enclosed space with the others for three hours, which is tiring at the best of times, especially for card-carrying introverts.


Anyway, I’ve now decided on what to write next (see previous post) so I am currently speed-researching Regency times. Not the whole thing but selected topics. And that’s why I spent most of this afternoon trying to get to the end of week 1 of a Futurelearn course on Wellington and the Battle of Waterloo before week 2 starts. You would think working through this would be a piece of cake for a history graduate, and actually it isn’t the history that’s the problem but the working through. For various reasons last week was particularly fraught, and it wasn’t until lunchtime today that I finished all the other things I had been meant to do over the weekend and still had enough energy left for a little light studying.

My Brighton novel, which I’ve decided I’d better try and finish in July before I lose the urge altogether, isn’t necessarily going to focus on the Battle of Waterloo, but there are good reasons why I need to know at least something about the battle to enable me to complete it.

After finishing the first draft of ‘Brighton’, which is actually due to be book 1 in a mini-series set in Regency times, but don’t hold your breath, I will attempt to fit in ‘Pitkirtly XIV’ which I am secretly mulling over plot ideas for at the moment, during the gap between Camp NaNo and November NaNo, thus freeing myself up to write ‘Quest 6’ during November. All this has of course driven a coach and horses through my writing plan for 2017, so I’ve had to start a new page in my planning notebook and write out  the plan for the second half of the year from scratch. When I say I’ve had to do this, I mean I want to do it. The plan for the whole year has so many crossings-out now that there’s no room to tick things off as I do them, which is the most satisfying part of having a plan. In fact I have one for each month too, so that’s double the satisfaction when I actually finish something.

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