Not quite there

The last time I posted here, I was complaining about the length of time it took to get garage and dental appointments, and over in the other world I call my real life, things have got worse before (I hope) they get better. Well, at least the car is fixed now, although it took two trips to the garage, a humungous bill and one of my rare but dramatic meltdowns to do it. Similarly, it is taking at least 2 trips to the dentist to get my crown fixed back in and I have my second appointment on Wednesday. I am scheduling in another potential meltdown if it doesn’t get fixed, since I’m due to go to London next Saturday for a writers’ meetup and to Oxf o rd the following week for a conference, and I would prefer to be able to smile on both these occasions if possible.

Unfortunately another couple of things have gone wrong and they are both a bit more serious. One is that a family member who has previously had a stroke was ill with a long-running headache, a slightly alarming symptom, and the other is that one of our cats, who has been on thyroid medication for over 4 years, stopped eating and became quite ill again. But both now appear to be making some kind of recovery, touch wood, fingers crossed etc.

All this should I suppose have distracted me from my writing, but I think it’s fair to say that writing is probably the only thing it hasn’t distracted me from. I am still powering through my work in progress, scattering clues about and killing off characters almost as if the story was set in the Midsomer area and not in the south-west corner of Fife.


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