One thing after another, or sometimes at the same time

I haven’t had much energy to spare this last little while. I’ve gone back to my ‘normal’ hours at work, which are 27 per week, after a spell of being allowed to swan in at 10 am on the days when I usually work from 8.30, and to go home early. Unfortunately this has coincided with my car playing up again, and with the only Fiat garage within a reasonable distance of our house being fully booked until the 13th of April. Normally I would just take the car somewhere else, but I know from previous (bitter) experience that if you have a problem of any kind with the locking system, any other garage will just tell you to take it to a Fiat garage as only they have the requisite magic powers at their fingertips. Or the phone number of the place in Italy where spare Fiat locks can be obtained, anyway.


So as well as having to get up earlier, drive into work in the morning rush-hour and spend longer there, I’ve been having to get up even earlier, take either two buses or a bus and a taxi to work, stay there longer and take another two buses home. It’s that last part that’s the killer.

Today I’ve discovered, somewhat against my will, that as well as garages around here being incredibly busy, dentists are too. After breaking a front tooth over the weekend I found the first dentist’s surgery I tried, which had lured me in by being open on a Sunday, was completely booked up until the 27th of April. Fortunately I’ve managed to get an appointment elsewhere a bit sooner than that. Oddly enough, or maybe not, my main reaction to breaking the tooth (once I had got over the ‘OMG I can’t let anyone see me like this!’ stage) was that I couldn’t be bothered with all the hassle that lies ahead. I think this is because of the above-mentioned exhaustion.

But as an eternal optimist I know that one day I will be able to smile again – and drive my car without the tailgate springing open every 100 yards/metres!

In the meantime, of course, there is nothing to stop me pursuing my writing career, for which I don’t need a full set of teeth or a car – just two of the many advantages of being a writer. I am currently taking part in the spring edition of Camp NaNoWriMo and have today reached over 13,000 words in the latest novel in my Pitkirtly Mystery series – working title, and possibly final title ‘An Unpredictable Event’.


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