The End (again)

Just a few minutes ago I completed what I consider to be the final edits for my novel A Quest in Berlin. This doesn’t quite mean it’s ready to be released into the wild, as I still have to finalise the formatting for publication, which consists of adding a Table of Contents and, for the Kindle edition, page breaks for new chapters. But these are things I can do more or less without thinking – except when some quirk in Word causes a problem with the TOC, as it unexpectedly did the last time I published something.

Not sure either if the cover is a bit on the grim side. The actual novel isn’t quite as grim as it probably should be.

As sometimes happens, there was a little bit more research to do at the last minute too. In this case I found myself (a) trawling my memory of school German classes, now some way in the past, to try and work out which of two possible phrases to sprinkle on the dialogue as a kind of fairy dust of authenticity and (b) frantically Googling to find out whether cars had ignition keys in the 1950s – of course they did. I had evidently been thinking of the 1930s.

Because I love doing research and have never quite shaken off the shackles of my history degree, it’s always more nerve-racking to release a novel set in the past than something contemporary. In this case there is the added problem of it being set in the past in a foreign city which other people know a lot more about than I do.

Anyway, by the time of my next blog post it should be out there, so keep your fingers crossed! As usual I will be torn between hoping nobody reads it and hoping this one will be a best-seller.


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