Time Management

Some years ago I attended a day course on Time Management, and I vaguely remember one of the points made was that people tend to do more work in the last 5 minutes before going home than in the entire rest of the day.It was along those lines, anyway!

In the past couple of days – the end of my extended time off work following my operation – I’ve rediscovered the truth of this. Not only have I tidied some parts of the house and uncovered a chair that hadn’t been seen for a while, but I’ve written some notes for the 13th novel in my mystery series, designed a cover for an omnibus edition, re-arranged my Edwardian novellas into one volume and written up the minutes for a community group meeting. This after weeks of inaction and procrastination.

I suppose I might claim that during the preceding weeks I’ve been thinking through all these things, while apparently just slumped in a chair binge-reading lightweight novels about women starting up cafes in various apparently unpromising locations. But two days of actually doing things is definitely worth two months of quietly contemplating them and feeling guilty about not putting all the thoughts into action. In a sense I feel as if I’ve cleared my desk, although in fact it’s probably a bit more cluttered than before, and now I can face my work email backlog with equanimity.

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