Something Stirs

At times during January I felt quite resentful about having a whole month off work and not being able to do anything I considered useful with it – apart from learning to walk properly again of course! I also had serious doubts about whether I would ever be of any use again. However, looking back now from the perspective of February I think I was panicking unnecessarily. I did actually manage to finish a piece of writing, albeit something small and slight, even before I was completely back up to speed, and in the past couple of weeks I’ve found I can also face my novel of 1950s Berlin. Not only that but yesterday I homed in on a puzzle I spotted in my work email and instinctively started to try and work out how to fix it.


It’s been strange working through my NaNoWriMo novel (the Berlin one) again. I had forgotten I wrote it at breakneck speed, desperate to get to the end in 3 weeks or so in case I happened to be called in for my operation before the end of November. In some ways this haste doesn’t really show. I haven’t come across any more typos than usual in the text, and the story seems to hang together all right, in fact if anything it’s more coherent than usual because I haven’t given myself time to lose the thread as I go along!

Where the haste is really evident is in the lack of background information. The story rattles along – literally, in the parts that involve travel of any kind – without much of an attempt to build up the characters, particularly the new ones who haven’t appeared in the series before. I am not really a writer who likes to wallow in descriptive detail, and I am not all that fond of reading it either, but the lack of back story in this case has removed all motivation from some of the characters and this is what I’m filling in during this edit.

Anyway, although I am still unable physically to sit at my computer for hours on end, something which is probably just as well, I now at least have the mental urge to get on and do things I feared I would never really want to do again, and that gives me a lot to be thankful for.Being able to sit in the same position all day will come later! (if I’m not careful)

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