Taking Steps

So my recovery continues. I know it’s actually progressing, because yesterday I walked to the nearest cashpoint and back without stopping and, more significantly in my opinion, completed what may be more or less the final round of edits on the shortest item in my word mountain. I really only have to do a little light formatting and it will be ready to publish, thanks to last week’s procrastination tactic of designing a cover.

Even more significantly (again this is only my opinion), I have started to take a genuine interest in the prospect of returning to my NaNoWriMo novel, otherwise known as the Berlin one, and starting the structural edit I know it will need. I have mixed feelings about this development, as I am guessing it means I may be alert enough mentally to think about going back to work at my day job too! The very lovely flowers shown here are also a reminder of this.

This time away from work hasn’t gone quite as I expected. I imagined myself spending a lot more time writing, but I hadn’t realised quite how uncomfortable my computer chair was or how many other things I would have to do. Whole afternoons have vanished once I’ve been for a short walk and then fallen into bed for a post-walk rest which can last until tea-time.


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