Catching Up

After a couple of weeks of not doing very much – or maybe it was just that anything I did get round to doing took about five times longer than usual – I’ve arbitrarily decided this is the day when I should make more effort to attack the mountain of words that awaits my attention. I hadn’t realised how big a mountain I had created until I made the mistake of adding all the unedited words up, at which point I panicked. Arithmetic can have that effect sometimes. Somehow knowing I had written 40,000 words of a historical novel during last summer and then 50,000 words of a thriller in my Quest series for NaNoWriMo and then a long short story (a novelette?) of 10,000 words in December, wasn’t nearly as alarming as finding I had 100,000 words waiting to be edited, finished, transcribed or generally wrangled into shape.

Of course the key thing here is not to panic, but to work calmly through the tasks in order of priority. In this case it means getting the smallest thing done first because it should be the most manageable. We’ll see how that goes!

In theory I have lots of time to work through all of the above as I am recovering from my hip operation at the time of writing, and so I don’t have to worry about going to my day job for a while. In practice it’s a little more complicated than that. Not only is the chair I usually sit in to write not really suitable for long spells at the keyboard, but all the normal life things are still taking longer than usual – apart from getting dressed in the morning, which has surprisingly proved to be easier and less dangerous when I do it with the help of the picking-up stick than it was before! There is also the fact that I now feel duty bound to go out for a walk every day. I was kind of hoping there might be snow and ice today as we were promised, but sadly the terrain outside our house looks perfectly safe.

Anyway, it’s about time I put my decision to spend some time scaling the word mountain into effect and I can recognise my own delaying tactics when I see them, so that’s all for now.


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