There will be light again…

My mother-in-law, whose (90th) birthday is tomorrow, always used to claim the 22nd was the shortest day, but I see from internet sources that it’s officially today. Either way, it means that we won’t have to see the darkness creeping in at 3 pm for much longer, but can look forward to more and more light from now until the summer solstice. I always find this an encouraging thought, regardless of any religious belief or of the general hideousness of the year that has almost passed.

2014-12-05 09.37.51 (573x800)

This isn’t the place for politics – I have a whole other blog for that! and will probably rant on it a bit any day now – but I really can’t remember a year that was so depressing from that point of view, although 1979 must have come fairly close I suppose. Or maybe we only understood the full implications of that year in retrospect.

Today I will celebrate by putting up some decorations. I usually only manage a couple of trees’ worth, and I certainly can’t compete with some of our neighbours who have bedecked the bushes outside their houses with fairy lights. These are on quite a small discreet scale in keeping with our very quiet, sedate street, and they’re certainly not bright enough to confuse pilots coming into land at Edinburgh airport. I did have some rather nice lights in the shape of stars at one time, and I will have a look in a minute to see if they might have re-surfaced during a recent decluttering operation in the kitchen.

In between dealing with the practical side of Christmas, i.e. writing letters and making sure the cat has enough medication to last until New Year, I’ve been doing a bit of writing and have reached chapter 7 in ‘The Thing in the Notebook 2’ which I am writing by hand, as well as doing an initial read-through of my NaNoWriMo novel and starting to make a chapter summary, which has revealed so far that the chapters are of vastly uneven lengths and may require a bit of restructuring.

And in amongst all that, I have contributed a short story to a Christmas flash fiction anthology called ‘Christmas in Love’ which is now available as a free download from Amazon – – and some other outlets such as Kobo – 

Despite the title and cover, I don’t think it is all romance exactly!




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