Towards That Time of Year

Autumn is well and truly here now. My car, an Italian one which is particularly fussy about the cold, has issued its first ‘ice warning’ – a bleeping sound that occurs when the temperature drops to 3 degrees Centigrade. We’ve had some seasonal mists which show off Edinburgh at its most atmospheric, and there may be mellow fruitfulness at the end of the garden if I make it that far to check.


Apples in the garden

Of course November is almost here too. I wasn’t sure I would be in the right frame of mind for NaNoWriMo, but I am already displaying some of the early symptoms of anticipation – increasing my coffee intake, not being able to read any fiction, buying fairly obscure books about Berlin in the 1950s, and running through possible first lines when I wake up in the middle of the night. I’ve become so restless that, typically, I’ve taken on a couple of additional writing-related projects just to keep me going in the mean-time. The danger is of course that they make inroads into my NaNoWriMo time, so I am trying to clear the decks a bit this weekend. It would help if I hadn’t crippled myself walking upstairs at the theatre last weekend, so giving me a cast-iron excuse not to do anything in the house then and leaving me to cope with mounds of recycling and vacuuming to do now. It’s a funny thing about stairs – using the word ‘funny’ in its not at all humorous sense – but I can manage some of them without any trouble, including the stone steps I have to go up when I get to work in the morning, and yet the effects of others seem to linger on for days.

Last week the results of the Glasgow 48 hour film competition were announced. Sadly my son’s group didn’t win ‘best film’ this time – in fact I was slightly concerned that they might be banned from entering again if they did, as they had already won the Edinburgh competition earlier in the year and both the Edinburgh and Glasgow events last year – but they did win two awards, one for best use of prop (a tomato) and one for best use of character. If you watch it you’ll see that they worked very hard for the prop award in particular: Beyond Studios ‘The Ripe Stuff’


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