Mission Accomplished

I’m not sure about the title of this post, but it summarises how I feel this weekend, as I’ve managed to survive completing a day job task that has loomed very large. As usual in such circumstances I have almost no energy left and have spent several hours slumped in a chair in the conservatory, alternating between reading and web-surfing on my Kindle Fire. I don’t know what I did before the glorious days of the Kindle Fire. I probably read a magazine or something! But how on earth did we all keep up with world and even local events as they unfolded before Twitter?


I’m almost sure I mentioned both autumn and the approach of NaNoWriMo in a previous post. One is definitely here now, and the other is imminent. I’ve become more aware of autumn in the past week, because I’ve had to get up earlier than usual to make my way to a far-flung* outpost of the organisation I work for, and it has still been dark, always a shock to the system. Even the cats faltered as they stood in the doorway looking at the dim, spooky shadows in the garden. But the younger one soon recovered his sang-froid, never far away, and seized on the excuse to slink about in the gloom. Of all the cats who have lived with us, he is the one who has been the most impervious to weather conditions, perhaps because his coat is short, thick and apparently waterproof. He also gets over-excited about going out in the dark, so we don’t usually let him roam around except in daylight or if he drives us mad being indoors.

*closer to the ‘other side’ of Edinburgh than to the area where I live

I don’t like the dark months, but NaNoWriMo usually cheers me up a little, except when I get tied in knots with my storyline, as happened a couple of years ago. To try and forestall this, I have written a plot summary already, not quite on the back of a stamp but on the scrap of paper depicted above. I’ve also watched the next section of my Pathé News DVD, also depicted, to find out what happened in 1953 and 1954 – mostly things to do with the Korean War, according to the narrator. Fortunately I have also discovered a few books that deal with events nearer at hand, so in theory I will spend the next few weeks reading them and memorising the contents (not really). Many of the events in question are really very grim indeed, and part of this year’s challenge will be to maintain my fairly light-hearted writing style even when things get dire. This is a challenge in any case at the moment because of various political events which I can’t even make sense of enough to write about them.


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