Time passes

Somehow autumn has come, before we have had a proper summer, and this morning was chilly and misty in a way that should have been atmospheric but was actually quite depressing. Any day now I will be getting up in the dark and looking forward to the New Year, when the days begin to lengthen again. Anyway, before I sink into a gentle autumnal melancholia, I can divulge that the sun has burnt its way through the mist and today is brighter than many others we have had recently. I took this photograph in mid-morning from the conservatory to prove it!


It’s probably much like the last picture I took in this way except for the plane trail and the overgrown shrub which badly needs cutting back. It’s hard to stop myself rushing out to prune it much too quickly, but I know I’m going to need all my strength for the next week at work, which will be gruelling.

(But quite satisfying too, I hope.)

In case anyone reading this has missed my social media efforts, I can also divulge that I’ve just published the 12th novel in my mystery series, and it’s entitled ‘A Creative Crime’ (by Cecilia Peartree). Theoretically I should have a rest from writing this weekend, but in fact I have been longing for this post-publication moment so that I can get on with two other projects. One is a historical novel set in Brighton in Regency times – I hesitate to call it a romance because, as often happens, I’ve been distracted from the romance by other events and relationships, but I hope to steer it back on course when I start writing again. At the moment it has reached 40,000 words, and there is still quite a lot of the story to go, which is encouraging and daunting at the same time. At the moment I probably only have time for a read-through of what there is of the book, because November is approaching fast and that means I ‘have’ to start something new for National Novel Writing Month.

I’ve known for a while what I will write in November. Unfortunately it is quite a research-heavy project, although because I’ve been looking forward to writing it for at least a year, I started the research a while ago. I don’t like to tempt fate by saying much about projects that haven’t even got off the ground yet, so I won’t! In any case circumstances beyond my control may well prevent me from keeping up my NaNoWriMo word count, but I have contingency plans if that happens. Oddly enough for someone who appears to live in a state of chaos, I usually do have contingency plans. I remember someone saying to me years ago as we planned a holiday ‘Why do you always assume something will go wrong?’ I still feel this is quite a good rule for life!



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