Procrastination rocks

Once again procrastination has been its own reward. When I at last managed to make the bookings for my very low-key trip next week to somewhere not very far away at all, I found that one of the hotels I booked had reduced the price of their last remaining room by quite a lot, presumably because of the short notice. The only downside was that I had to book two hotels instead of just one, as each of them only had one night available. However the upside of that is that I can stay in a turret room in one of them, something I have been waiting to do since I was very young. The excitement is almost overwhelming.


Jacques is underwhelmed by all this.

Apart from the accommodation, which wasn’t actually a vital ingredient, as I could really have travelled to and fro in one day if necessary, I am highly organised for this trip, having already contacted the library where I hope to find new information about my ancestors and browsed through their catalogue for likely-looking sources, of which there are more than I expected. This is the kind of project that almost makes me wish I had pursued previous ambitions in historical research, rather than swanning off to London to be a computer programmer.

Apart from anything else, this trip will take my mind off recent events and (I hope) stop me from wallowing in the gloom that has resulted from finding out that there are 17 million people in the country who fundamentally disagree with me about something. I always knew there were a few, but I hadn’t understood the extent of it.

I also have Camp NaNoWrimo to take my mind off things, and it was a joy to start writing another novel in my long-running mystery series. I sometimes wonder whether to classify these books under ‘comedy’ as so many people seem to find them funny, but on the other hand, in my experience there is nothing that prevents laughter more effectively than being told you should find something funny.

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