What should I do on my holidays?

I didn’t seriously consider this summer’s holidays until a few weeks ago. This was partly because I’ve been sort of hoping the NHS will spring into action and whisk me into hospital to have all my troublesome joints replaced, and partly because I was worried about one of the cats, who likes to keep us alert by refusing to take his medication every so often, going downhill for a week or so, and then suddenly deciding a pill marinated in special cat gravy with chopped chicken on the side is his favourite dish ever* and making an amazing recovery..


Once I did start to consider holidays, I was immediately baffled about where to go, when to go and what to do when I got there. Who to go with – if anyone. And how to get there. In fact,  I was baffled about more or less everything to do with holidays.

I do have some favourite places to go. Finland, Sweden, Berlin, the south of France, Chicago, Alton Towers – any of those would have done. However I realised that, with less than optimum fitness this year, I would probably be better to focus on places that were easier to get to and that offered something to do without much physical effort being required. At first I thought another family member and I might be able to synchronise our calendars to allow us to go away together, in which case I thought we might get as far as Kielder Water, a place I have often thought of visiting, or even a holiday park in Norfolk with a nice-looking swimming-pool, but when it became obvious we couldn’t, I started all over again.

And so it looks as if I may be heading off early in July on a thrill-seeking trip round Central Scotland, taking in Stirling, Kirkintilloch and possibly even Lennoxtown – yes, it’s that exciting. Actually, joking apart, this is a sort of family history tour. I hope to find out more at Stirling Castle about my grandfather’s military history, and in Kirkintilloch something about my great-grandfather’s and great-great-uncle’s lives in late Victorian Scotland. Providing my new glasses arrive in time, I expect to be more or less fit enough to sit in museums and archives reading!

*except when he prefers salmon mixed with butter and fed to him from someone’s fingers.


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