Today I feel I can relax after a couple of weeks when my only aim was to survive! It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy most of the things I did during that time, but that it seemed like a miracle that everything went according to plan. So this morning I’ve re-opened the Word file that contains my work in progress and added a few hundred words to it, as a gesture towards normality.

Flowers, Inverness

Flowers, Inverness

The first thing that happened was that I went to get my hair cut. I had quite a simple remit for the hairdresser, which was to make me look as if I hadn’t just been dragged through a hedge. She seems to have understood exactly what I meant, which was that I didn’t want to have to do more than sweep a brush through it to make it look sensible. I also planned to wear a flower in it for a family wedding, which was the next thing on the agenda. With weddings there is such a lot of scope for things to go wrong that it was all slightly nerve-racking, but in the end it was so well-organised (not by me, I hasten to add!) that everything was fine. Even the flower, which seemed likely to slide out of my hair at any moment, lasted for the whole day.

Then there was some work, which went as well as could be expected, and then a museums conference in Manchester. Because I can’t walk very far at the moment it was frustrating not to be able to explore the area around the hotel, which was in Castlefield, but on the plus side it was sunny and warm enough to sit outside and stare around, something I haven’t really done enough of in the past! The ‘fun’ didn’t end when I went indoors, because I caught part of a tv show called ‘Kitten’s Got Talent’ – the television was on a channel I don’t usually watch and I couldn’t find my usual stand-by, the 24 hour news. In any case there is a limit to how much crazy talk about the EU referendum I can tolerate. Watching cats opening doors and riding surf-boards was much more edifying.


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