Working out how to read and write

Disclaimer: I learned to read and write some time ago, so what I am talking about is the way reading and writing can interfere with each other, just as my computer interferes with my radio reception despite modern technology alegedly not allowing that to happen any more. The effect is not as pronounced now as it was when I was a child, probably because I have more life experiences to draw on in my writing now and don’t have to plagiarise Enid Blyton to make up for my lack of ideas.But what happens these days is that I don’t seem to be able to actually enjoy reading or writing if I try to interleave them. This is quite annoying as I am normally the kind of person who would prefer to read the ingredients on the cereal packet or the instructions for the printer, which coincidentally have just re-surfaced during a preliminary survey of the conservatory with a view to later de-cluttering, than to be stuck with my own thoughts. However, I have a cunning plan to outwit myself, and if you read on below the image you’ll find out about it.


Apple blossom time again!

What has now struck me is that I can indeed enjoy becoming immersed in a novel while I’m in the middle of working on one, but that the two novels have to be in different genres. I hadn’t noticed that until I began, during Camp NaNoWriMo what is probably a pointless attempt to write a historical romance, a genre which I’ve read for years, while continuing to read historical novels in what’s left of my spare time. Oddly enough, the interference between reading and writing isn’t happening in the way I would have expected. So it isn’t that the novels I’m trying to read are getting in the way of my writing, but that mulling over the novel I’m writing is getting in the way of my reading. I suppose this demonstrates that a large part of my writing process involves not sitting at my computer typing but mashing up and marinating ideas in my head. This is also probably why I never have writers’ block when I do finally sit down at the keyboard.

Fortunately I already have a mystery novel waiting on my Kindle so I will soon find out how valid this latest theory is!

In other news, during the past couple of weeks I’ve been preparing to publish the latest in my mystery series, ‘The Pitkirtly Triangle’, which is now available on Amazon, Smashwords and other outlets. I’ve also spent some time trying to wrestle the content for newsletters for two local organisations into submission. The fact that in both cases committees are involved makes that kind of thing virtually impossible. Still, where else would I get my ideas for small-town mysteries? (Suggestions on a postcard)


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