Editing and shopping

I’ve reached the stage in editing the latest novel in my mystery series where I’ve resolved most of the minor issues – a character who had two different last names, for instance, although I still have to check on one who apparently has no last name despite having put in an appearance in almost every book in the series. I say ‘apparently’ because I have the uneasy feeling that she must once have had a last name which I’ve now forgotten. It certainly doesn’t appear in the spreadsheet which is so sketchy that I hesitate to call it a series bible, but I haven’t yet ruled out the possibility that I’ve called her by it in one of the previous books in the series. This is one of the trials of having written a long-running series, but I must admit I do very much enjoy the benefits of this, such as not having to start making up characters and setting from scratch each time.

a handbag

In the intervals when I can’t face editing another page, I have also been writing a first draft which is quite unconnected to anything else I’ve ever written, and in the intervals of that I’ve been shopping online. I don’t very often go to special occasions where I have to dress up, but I do feel a certain responsibility not to look unduly scruffy in the photographs that will undoubtedly be taken at a family wedding due to happen in the near future, especially as I’ve discovered that one of the family has bought a new suit and another is hiring a kilt. Not to be outdone, I am trying to make sure my accessories match each other, and because of this I have bought the handbag depicted here for no other reason than that the colour matches a walking stick I was forced by increasing decrepitude to purchase from Amazon a month or two ago. I’ve also spent quite a while on various websites looking for a scarf and something to put in my hair. Who knew it would take so much effort to assemble an outfit? I thought buying a coat and dress would be the end of it, but that seems to have just been the start.

I think there’s a poem about wearing purple when you get older, and indeed I am going through a purple spell. Even my latest book cover (the one for which I photographed scones last weekend) has been engulfed by this tidal wave of purpleness.

I don’t think I can procrastinate any longer so that’s more or less all for now. I have to get back to my edits and face up to the important questions of whether the door entry system in a character’s flat has a buzzer or a bell, and how I can plant a clue about someone’s identity earlier in the book without giving everything away.


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