Phase 2

Towards the end of last week I was forced to carry out Phase 2 of my de-cluttering project because of the imminent arrival of a new bed. This wouldn’t normally have been quite so strenuous except that the old bed had a storage space underneath – no, I haven’t made that mistake again with the new one! The storage space turned out to contain all the old jumpers we hadn’t found during Phase 1, which happened a few weeks ago, as well as a previously unsuspected stash of old letters and postcards, some dating back decades. I vaguely recall an era when I actually collected postcards, and certainly I have always been reluctant just to throw them out, so I have been mulling over what I could possibly do with them now they have re-surfaced. The idea of a giant collage is taking root in my mind, but as in the case of many of my imagined craft projects I am not sure that it will ever move into the real world.

daffodils april 2016

The new bed has already been given the cat seal of approval, which is unfortunate in some ways, but this is mitigated by the fact that during Phase 1 of the de-cluttering I unearthed a large cushion with a blue furry cover which I put on the floor within sight of the bed in the faint hope that one of the cats would take to it. Much to my surprise, this has worked most nights lately. The key seems to be that the cat can still see me when he looks up in the night – this particular cat has become very clingy just lately, to the point where he is in danger of being squashed every time I move due to his tactic of always walking a couple of inches in front of me.

Apart from this unaccustomed domestic activity I have been writing and editing. It seems to be the case at the moment that I am better at writing first drafts in the morning and at editing in the afternoon, so I think I now have a method for working on more than one book at a time. I also have this weekend set aside for cover photography involving a carefully arranged batch of scones, perhaps with a tasteful Empire biscuit placed strategically among them.


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