Weird but nice

I hope this isn’t a sign of galloping old age – I’ve just had yet another birthday – but I seem to have gone into a slightly weird phase. I’ve just done two things I didn’t think I would do – although, as I am old enough to know my limitations, they weren’t anything to do with jumping out of planes or off cliffs – and there may still be a few more to come, including the ceremonial purchase and wearing of a fascinator. But I’m not at all sure about that one. As you can tell, I am extremely risk-averse!

jacques in box again

Jacques already knows how to relax…

So this weekend I have been at a spa day and had a massage for the first time, which was definitely weird but nice. I also went for a swim there, which wasn’t so weird as I am very fond of swimming but don’t go often enough. I was pleased to find that I could still manage a few lengths of the pool in some sort of variation of breast stroke, despite one of my legs not really moving in the right way any more. Also, although I felt pleasantly relaxed afterwards, I wasn’t in the state of complete collapse I had feared! Maybe there is hope yet.

The other thing I’ve done that I didn’t think I would ever do but have made a start on this past week is to write a Regency novel. My guilty pleasure for the past – um – fifty or so years has been to read them, so I suppose it isn’t all that surprising. What has really inspired me to do so is  that,having lived the first few years of my life in Brighton and still feeling a pull back to the place, I realised that writing something set there would make the research a lot more fun than it often is! A suitable story came into my head at just the right moment as well, but with two heroes and no heroine. Fortunately now that I’ve begun to write, a heroine has stepped out of the shadows.

This is a sort of ‘extra’ novel that I’m working on more for pleasure than for publication. I still need to set aside time each day for my current mystery novel but as it is now in the editing phase I think I can combine these two tasks. I can’t imagine being able to write two first drafts at the same time.


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