Time to book?

There’s always a time of year when I would rather be in the South of France or Spain. Usually this happens around Christmas, when the weather is grim and the days only last for around four hours. For some reason this year the moment has been delayed until early April, when the weather is approximately the same as it was in December and the days seem only fractionally longer because the light is obscured by rain-clouds.

barcelona sunrise 2

Picture – Barcelona sunrise

I haven’t yet arranged any summer holidays, and I was actually thinking  of going to Northumberland again for a writing break in the middle of the forest, but if the weather continues like this I will be very tempted to try and find some warmth and sunshine. It might even be worth the travelling time. Not that I don’t enjoy a good long train journey, as anyone who has been reading this blog for a while will know.

Fortunately I’ve had almost nothing to do this weekend except to keep up my word count for Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve just got past 50,000 words in my latest mystery novel ‘Pitkirtly XI’, although only about 5,000 words of those have been written since the 1st of April and count towards my Camp total. Once I get this novel finished, which I hope will be in about 10,000 words time, maybe during next weekend, I will make a start on something completely different and try for 15,000 words of that. For the past week or so I’ve been writing my mystery novel during the day and making notes for the other thing during the evening, but at the moment the other thing is all back-story and no real plot.

From next weekend a (relative) frenzy of activity will begin, with a trip to the theatre on Saturday, an AGM, a birthday and a possible other theatre trip during the following week and another event to round things off that Saturday. I hope all this will be a useful antidote to seasonal sluggishness!


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