Finding socks / triggering memories

-After yesterday’s de-cluttering experience, I feel I’ve learned a few lessons. One is that it can be hard to find things again once they’ve been moved around – I still haven’t tracked down the loose-leaf folder of family history stuff that I was planning to scan and share with some distant relatives in Utah, but after a minor panic attack I have now located the box with all the compartments that was probably intended for tiny screws, nails and so on but which I had used to separate out small pieces of jewellery that otherwise tend to get themselves tangled up, without any human intervention, when placed in a jewellery box. The other thing I’ve learned is that you never know when things from your distant past will re-emerge to surprise you. In this case all you can do is hope the surprise is a pleasant one.

school report and socks

I was pleasantly surprised by both the socks and the school report. In the case of the socks it was a sort of surprised recognition, because I had bought 3 pairs of socks for the price of 2 a little while ago and almost immediately lost the third pair. Yes, the other two pairs had animals on them too.

I must confess that the page shown here is the best page of the school report. I can’t even remember the circumstances in which I came top of the class in physics. I think  I must have peaked too soon in that particular subject! In those days the teachers didn’t tend to write long rambling character assassinations on reports, preferring to let the exam results speak for themselves. But all the same, the report did trigger quite a lot of memories – of shivering on the hockey pitch in the icy rain just before going down with some hideous form of jaundice that left me as thin as a rake (for the only time in my life), and of the headmaster trying to force me to take physics and chemistry when I wanted to take Russian and history, and my father, a scientist himself, going into the school to get him to change his mind.

In spite of the upheaval, which made the cats rather nervous – the younger one has never moved house so he can’t have connected it with that, but the older one has done so several times under trying circumstances, and I did wonder if he thought that was about to happen again – I also managed to write a bit more of my work in progress. I don’t think it will be completely finished before Camp NanoWriMo starts on the 1st of April, but I am approaching 40,000 words and I usually write 60,000, so there isn’t a huge distance to go. I am slightly concerned that I might be about to run out of plot, but as this is the eleventh novel in the series I hope a twist will pop into my head just in time, as often happens.




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