Creeping towards the light

I don’t intend anything religious or spiritual by today’s post heading. It’s just that with the days now becoming slightly longer, so that I can look out of my window at work at about 4.15 pm and realise it hasn’t got completely pitch black yet, I am sensing a very small renewal of my energy. So today, for instance, I have managed to get up, get dressed before lunchtime and collect together some cardboard for recycling. This doesn’t sound like a huge achievement, but I’ve also had to climb over one of the cats at least twelve times without falling on top of him, and open the door for the other cat to go out or come in well over fifteen times, so the effect is cumulative.


We don’t yet have any wallflowers as shown in the picture, but I am not necessarily holding my breath about that as the younger cat (the one who goes in and out) has taken a dislike to them and likes to try and destroy the plants wherever they pop up.

Another sign of renewed life on my part is that I’ve now designed a proper cover for my NaNoWriMo novel, and even written the miniscule number of words I thought necessary to complete the story. This weekend I’ve been ploughing through a paperback copy of it which I’ve had printed, sticking in post-it notes to mark the problems I find, which have ranged from random typos to the odd plot hole and unexplained development. This is theoretically my final edit and follows on from a quick read-through on my Kindle to find out if it holds my interest, a structural edit based on listing the chapters and what happens in each, a spelling and punctuation sweep, and the writing of an extra chapter and an odd extra paragraph here and there. Seeing it in print, however, always shows up a whole new set of issues, in my experience.

Of course my mind will always seek out distractions even when I think I’m concentrating. I am very fond of buying knitting magazines and thinking up massive knitting projects. I think I may have mentioned my ill-fated ‘dolls and elephants’ project a while ago on this very blog. I still have occasional spells of imagining I’ll do something about that, but so far I’ve managed not to. There’s a half-finished elephant sitting in a knitting bag I bought not very long ago in a fit of misplaced enthusiasm, and I caught myself googling ‘Edwardian dolls’ the other evening when I got bored with ‘Midsummer Murders’.


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