A time of infinite possibilities

Even I don’t really believe the heading at the top of this post – to the extent that I actually typed ‘infinite impossibilities’ the first time round. Mind you, that might be more fun than the actual count-down to Christmas and the inexorable approach of next year. The reason for thinking the time is at all infinite is that I am right at the start of more than 2 weeks’ holiday, during which I can do exactly what I like – within reason, that is. Infinity is bounded by the need to buy cat-food and the inevitability of having to eat with the family on Christmas Day. Not that I don’t want to do that, I hasten to add for the benefit of any family members who might happen to read this. It will be the highlight of the year so far – honestly.

2014-12-05 09.37.51 (573x800)

Having confidently announced on Twitter just now that I’m about to make a list, I now can’t find a pen to make one with. Because a list isn’t really a list if it’s typed up on the computer. It has to be scrawled on a scrappy piece of paper, lost and then found again, or better still, written round the edges of some other piece of writing in a notebook to ensure it is almost impossible to decipher. I have many examples at work of the latter genre.

Anyway, having done most of my Christmas shopping on Black Friday it took me until yesterday to wrap up the ones that have to be posted to far-off places (Wales) and I suspect it will take me until Monday to totter round to the Post Office with them. Yesterday was very productive, after an extremely slow start, and I even summoned up the energy to stick stamps on my Christmas cards, transcribe a bit more of the Thing in the Notebook and put a special Christmas profile picture on my Facebook page. Maybe it’s the additional festive tasks imposed by social media that have made me wonder where all the time has gone up to now!

Because of not having made my list yet, I’m not sure what the day will hold, apart from a food delivery and possibly some light recycling. I should make room for the Christmas tree, I suppose. I might be able to stand it on the bookcase that isn’t supposed to be in the conservatory at all, but in my room, only there isn’t any space in the place it’s meant to be and it’s now gradually filling up with books – what else? For someone who mostly reads on Kindle, I still seem to be buying an awful lot of printed books.


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