Wild and woolly

There has been a lot of wildness in the air over the past few days, with gale force winds and icy cold rain that somehow manages to soak the inside of your coat even when it’s meant to be waterproof. We are lucky enough here to live some distance from the nearest river, although in fact we are very close to the site of a former loch, and the nearby golf course tends to have marshy patches in winter. The woolliness, on the other hand, is mostly inside my head. I am not sure yet whether this is the aftermath of NaNoWriMo or the side-effects of the pills my doctor has prescribed in an effort to lull me into thinking I might not need a hip replacement.

2015-12-02 12.56.26 (800x600)

During the past week I have visited the Zoo on a gruelling work trip. I was slightly baffled by the penguin figures standing on the lawn but apparently this is for some sort of a light show. Of course I should have guessed that, as no visitor attraction is now complete without one of these. I suppose at least they aren’t as annoying as fireworks.

I’ve also got about halfway through my transcription on to the computer of The Thing in the Notebook, and I’ve reviewed some of the numerous Things on the Hard Drive to see if any of them are worth publishing in any form. This means I have got slightly ahead of myself with my strategic plan for 2016, although because of the woolliness in my head I find it tiring even to think about 2016. I think serious thought may have to be postponed until the Christmas holidays, along with many other tasks too tedious to mention. And by the way, while we’re on the subject of tedious tasks, is it just me or is any bin/recycling collection schedule that requires a colour-coded calendar (courtesy of the City of Edinburgh Council) to keep track of just too complicated for normal people to follow? I don’t think I’ve got room in my brain for this.



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