After so much rain, the sunlight is dazzling this morning. Fortunately, due to my procrastination about getting the big tree pruned, its branches still shelter us from all sort of weather extremes, as well as obscuring a not all that exciting view of the Pentland Hills, just visible between two houses in the next street. The only advantage of being able to see the hills would be if there were snow on them, which I don’t think there is at the moment.

2015-11-19 10.47.23 (800x600)

(this image was taken a few days ago, but the view is approximately the same today, with tantalising glimpses of dazzling sunlight appearing randomly through the branches)

My progress on my NaNoWriMo novel, although I wouldn’t describe that as dazzling exactly, has been fairly good and I am slightly ahead of schedule now, having managed to bring my writing speed up to 2,000 a words a day during my holiday week. Ideally the novel would extend to over 60,000 words but that will have to wait until later. I have nearly run out of plot (and writing energy), so it will almost certainly finish at 50,000 for the moment. What I usually find is that by the time I’ve filled in some of the plot holes and added a bit more explanation to help readers along, I can add a few thousand words more without even having to think up new ideas. This is possible because my natural writing style is concise and lacks descriptive detail.

I’ve managed to get through a week in the house without being tempted to do very much housework, although I confess to having ordered Christmas cards and a few presents online. I did let myself get distracted putting together a little movie for a purpose that must remain secret for now.

As a special treat, my next blog post here will be an interview with the writer Rosen Trevithick, and there will be lots of chocolate involved! Come back at around the end of the week to wallow in that experience.



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