A week of days off and rain

It seems from the latest weather forecast that it’s going to rain practically all the time during my week off work. This is good news in many respects. It gives me an excuse not to start shopping for that festival of consumerism in December that I don’t yet want to name in case in doing so I somehow jar the space-time continuum and cause it to skip a couple of weeks forward. It means I can justify spending the mornings writing my NaNowriMo novel and the afternoons curled up reading, or watching an old film while gorging myself on chocolate biscuits. Also, something I hadn’t realised until now, it gives me an excuse not to take stuff to the recycling centre because it might be closed due to adverse weather conditions. On the other hand, all this free time in the house also opens up the horrifying possibility that I might be tempted to do some housework.

2015-11-17 14.53.59 (623x1024)

Admittedly this is not quite such a horrific option as it was before I got hold of the hi-tech cordless animal vacuum cleaner pictured here, as I no longer have to assemble anything before I start or drag it around behind me like a ball and chain. But there is still a certain amount of effort required – mainly the mental effort of thinking about getting it out from behind the bookcase and checking that the cat who doesn’t like loud noises isn’t lurking somewhere in the room.

In some ways, therefore, November is quite a good choice for a week off work – and I certainly wouldn’t be making such headway with my novel if I hadn’t decided to do this. On the other hand, with the days now lasting for about half an hour, I am also running out of things to do once night falls (it seems to be falling right now, at 2.15 pm), particularly as there is hardly ever anything worth watching on television, or maybe that’s just me as I hate almost all the programmes for various reasons.

The craft fair I mentioned last week was a glimmer of light in the darkness – I think I will have to have another go at interesting people in drabbles, which seemed to baffle most of my customers, but I did sell some books and cards, and also re-wrote a couple of paragraphs for the organisation’s website while I was there. So there has been a certain amount of multi-tasking going on. I don’t seem to be able to escape from it, one way or another.




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