Remember, remember November

I’m not sure why November is such a busy month – apart from the previously-mentioned NaNoWriMo, that is. It’s almost as if people are deliberately filling the month with activity to stave off the twin horrors of long dark winter evenings and the Christmas festivities. Until now I had thought it was the task of collecting pantomime props that made it such a hectic time, but I’m not doing that this year and it’s still almost impossible.

My writing place

My writing place

My NaNo novel is progressing in spite of everything November has thrown at me so far, which has ranged from a throat bug in the first few days of the month, to a series of training sessions to deliver at work, having to take my car for its MOT test and surviving a Saturday so filled with stuff to do that I only had ten minutes for lunch between a lengthy meeting and a trip to the theatre, and only fifteen between coming back from the theatre and receiving my delivery of groceries. Goodness knows how I managed in the olden days of a few years ago when I actually had to go and do my shopping in person!

I hope to get some essential tasks* out of the way today so that I’m prepared for the week ahead and for next weekend, which is already looking about the same as this one. I’m hoping there is still time to get some printing done so that I can fill my craft fair table (on the 14th) with postcards, bookmarks etc and make it look a bit less sparse. I have to work out how I’m going to manage my contribution to the Festival of Drabbles – I intend to carry out live blogging from the craft fair for this, but it could easily go horribly wrong and I already have at least two back-up plans. It should make for an interesting blog post next week at this time, if nothing else!

*No, I don’t mean housework!


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