On the threshold again

Almost without noticing it, we are now on the threshold of November. Asteroid ‘Spooky’ is due to put in an appearance, social media is full of silly pictures of people dressing up, especially the ones that are old enough to know better or too young to make an effective protest, and it’s almost time to start writing another NaNo novel.

Before I forget, there is good news as well as all the above, and it is that my sons and their film team went in for the Glasgow 48 hour film competition last weekend, and yesterday evening we found out that they had won the ‘best film’ award (again – they won the Edinburgh ‘best film’ award earlier in the year with their short Christmas film). Here’s a link to their film – it’s a comedy involving a chip shop, a piggy bank and characters so bizarre that they make my own fictional creations look almost normal: https://youtu.be/1OSHJVUBmxM

Flowers,  Inverness

Flowers, Inverness

On occasion I start a novel with nothing more in my head than a vague mental image of where it might be heading, along with a rather flexible list of characters. Last year at this time I attempted to outline using the ‘snowflake’ method, which resulted in a novel that wasn’t anything like the one I imagined I would write. This time I have several pages of research notes in my notebook, a few characters who are going to find themselves recycled from previous novels, and a few new ones. There is also a map of Cambridge on order. That’s more than enough planning, though. I’ll be making it up as I go along from here on in.

There may be slight logistical issues, particularly the fact that I can’t now write in the conservatory in the evenings due to the still unresolved massive spider situation. I have two back-up plans, however. One is only to write in the mornings and at lunchtimes on working days, and during daylight hours on days when I don’t go to work. I’m not sure this will be enough to keep up with the word count targets, but in case I find myself falling behind I can excavate my old netbook, providing I can also find its power supply, which might indeed be a good solution as I doubt if it will nag at me to upgrade to Windows 10 the way my larger laptop does. Actually the larger laptop doesn’t really deserve to be called a laptop at all, as it’s so big that you would have to have an enormous lap to balance it on, and so heavy that it isn’t portable in any sense of the word, at least not by me.

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