The situation in the conservatory is still unresolved, i.e. the colossally massive spider that frightened me just over a week ago has not been seen and captured, but I have bravely ventured in here because it’s the best place to use the computer. I don’t think I can really do anything creative here yet as I’m at the stage of glancing round every minute or two to make sure there’s nothing creeping up on me. I hope to conquer this altogether before November, otherwise I am going to have a lot of trouble getting through NaNoWriMo.

Moon in sky

The Moon above our conservatory

Apart from going to work as usual, I seem to have gone through a spell of semi-hibernation, but our central heating is now working properly so I think winter will be kept at bay for a little longer, at least inside the house. I was slightly taken aback to find I had to locate the ice-scraper and remove a layer of ice from my car windscreen one morning last week. Typically, it was on a day when I had slept late and really just needed to jump in the car and go. Days like that are becoming more numerous again as the mornings get darker. If I were in charge of the country I think one of my first priorities – after curing poverty and ensuring world peace, of course – would be to change people’s working hours so that they increase slightly during the summer and reduce automatically in the winter. Although, as I keep telling anyone who will listen, when I was younger people thought that machines would take over more of the work and we would all be able to take it easy. I think ‘ROFL’ is an appropriate comment on that now.

I’ve almost finished ‘the thing in the notebook’ now – it seems to have wrapped itself up in 10 chapters. It might be that it hasn’t been a power greater than myself that has determined the length at all, but the knowledge that if I want to write the novel I now have in mind for NaNoWriMo I still have some research / preparation to do by the end of this month. When I say ‘preparation’ I don’t mean actual planning or outlining. It’s just that because I am going to recycle (very thriftily, in my view) a character who has already appeared in my series, I need to find out what I’ve already written about her before I start on her own story, so that means re-reading, or more likely skim-reading, the other novels in the series – groan. And making notes. Double groan.

I may be some time.


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