Nearly made it

This year I nearly made it through August without acknowledging the existence of the Festival season. However, I couldn’t resist going to a Book Festival event almost at the last moment – it was very good (Steve Bell). Maybe I can do better next year in terms of ignoring everything. On the other hand, it’s almost impossible for me to miss the chance to buy some random book in the Book Festival shop. This year it turned out to be something about the Picts. I have a long-standing interest in the Picts, partly because I’ve always been convinced I must have Pictish blood. I don’t think there is anything that has yet been identified as Pictish DNA however, so it will be difficult to prove this one way or another. My theory is based on the fact that some of my ancestors seem to have always lived in Angus, where quite a few Pictish relics have been found, and some of them in Fife, where there are Pictish place-names. In both cases the word ‘always’ is definitely an exaggeration.



My mission for the next few weeks is to prepare the things I’ve been working on for publication. I am almost there with my two 1900s novellas, and now I’ve designed a cover and sent them away to be printed so that I can do the final proof-read. For ages I kept thinking I was nearly there, and then suddenly they were finished. I’m sort of hoping it won’t take too long either to edit ‘Pitkirttly X’ (‘Closer to Death in a Garden’) and get it ready for publication. In my mind I’ve already moved on to my next two projects. Why I have to think about two things at once is a mystery to me. I guess I just like to make things difficult for myself. There’s research to be done for both of them as well! Oh, the joys.

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