August – a month of lunches

I wasn’t expecting this to happen, but instead of the usual August routine of either helping with a Fringe show and not having time to actually go to anything, or picking out a few interesting-looking Fringe shows and Book Festival events, I seem to be having a month of lunches instead. I was on my way home from the latest one yesterday when my phone made the sound that means something is happening, although recently it has often been the sound of a Labour leadership candidate desperately pleading for my vote, and it turned out to be a text from a friend suggesting we meet for lunch one day next week. Of course this is always a nice surprise and I have enjoyed some excellent meals over the past couple of weeks.

Flowers at the West End Craft Fair

Flowers at the West End Craft Fair

Yesterday we had lunch and wandered round the West End Craft fair, which is always interesting but frustrating in a way, as I often fantasise about taking part in it instead of just looking. I don’t know what makes me think I could ever do this as I have a long history of starting craft projects and not finishing them, or losing my enthusiasm just as I’m almost there and completing them in a rush, which is never a good idea. The idea of making enough stuff to be able to sell it at a stall for three weeks is so far outside my reality that I might as well still be dreaming about being a film star – which used to be a childhood ambition of mine, in fact. I do have another fantasy of combining craft with books in some way that I haven’t yet worked out. But this is probably almost as much of a pipe-dream.

The other week I had lunch with some distant relatives who were visiting Edinburgh, and we went to a place I had never even heard of which turned out to be the oldest pub in town and one where Robert Burns had once stayed the night. I must really have gone native here at last after only about thirty years, because I almost never visit anywhere historic these days unless there are people from out of town around to make me do this kind of thing.


Thistles on Corstorphine Hill

All these lunches are very timely, because they have taken my mind off the fact that I have two pieces of writing waiting to be edited. Of course going out and about doesn’t get the editing done, but it does help with the guilt!


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