Getting somewhere…

This weekend has turned out to be a good one, unexpectedly, for making progress with writing. Somehow I managed to write several thousand words to finish the first draft of my latest mystery novel yesterday, draining much of my energy in the process, then I wrote two blog posts and made a first attempt at a cover, not necessarily in that order. So far today I’ve been distracting myself from even looking at the mystery novel draft by extensive online reading, some of it in The Guardian comments, adding a few extra dates to my family tree, and then reading through the latest novella in my ‘Edwardian’ [some of them are technically Georgian, although the ‘Edwardian’ age appears to last until after the Great War] novellas series to see if it makes sense. This one is ‘Adventure at the Zoological Park’ featuring our very own zoo as depicted here. It’s so near our house that we used to wake up in the night and hear the lions roaring.

Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo – view to the Pentland HIlls

Amazingly, it does seem to make sense, despite my feeling as I finished writing the first draft that it had enough plot holes to sink a Dreadnought. Of course there are still some things to tidy up, because there always are, but I seem to have already dealt with some of the notes to myself which often crop up in the middle of a first draft, usually surrounded by a ridiculous number of asterisks to make sure I can’t miss them.

I’m very pleased by today’s discovery, partly because of the lazy tendencies I try so hard to conceal even from myself, and partly because it means I will be on track to publish this along with the third novella, ‘Adventure at the Palace of Varieties’ before too long. What I’m aiming at, in a kind of obsessively mathematical way, is to make the novellas my nineteenth book on Amazon so that the tenth in my mystery series, which I hope will be published soon after, will then be the twentieth. It just seems too neat and tidy to resist. Not that I am a stickler for neatness and tidiness, as anyone who has read about my constant battle to avoid housework will know.

Edinburgh Fringe? Book Festival? Ha – they might as well not have bothered.


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